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Six Safety Tips for Skiing

November 21, 2017

Six Safety Tips for Skiing-SkiGala

Let's be honest here, skiing is a high-speed sport. Even if you are taking it at a leisurely pace, there will be other skiers on the slopes who are traveling faster than most inner city cars. A few simple safety tips can help prevent accidents and injury and ensure that your ski day is always your best day. Please note that all of this advice is based on the First Commandment of Skiing, which is that you shall always wear a helmet!

1. Be Fit! The best way to stay in control while skiing is to have a good fitness level. Strong legs and cardiovascular fitness will keep you in control throughout the long ski day. There are loads of online videos showing how to get fit and stay fit throughout the ski season. I hope you like lunges! Check out this short clip from ski champion Lindsey Vonn.

2. Take Breaks! Take necessary breaks, particularly on the first couple of days, and let your legs get used to the pounding pressure of skiing. A break might also mean taking it nice and easy for a few runs too. Skiing is still awesome at 70%!

3. Stay aside! Take your breaks on the sides of the slopes. Cars don't stop in the middle of the road and neither should you stop in the middle of the slope. When resting or waiting for your slower ski partner, keep to the edges of the slope and out of the way of oncoming skiers. It is both for safety and courtesy.   

4. Look up! Just like looking left and right is a natural survival mechanism before crossing a road, you need to look up the mountain and recognise who is coming down the hill and how fast they are approaching before you continue your descent.  So many crashes could be avoided by this simple cautionary practice.

5. Dress appropriately! Staying warm and dry will keep you fit. Nothing zaps energy like the cold. It's an alpine environment and temperatures as well as snow and rain can come crashing into any sunny ski day. Wear skiwear that is of good quality and designed for alpine skiing. Check out where you can hire top quality kit for a fraction of the price of owning. 

6. Keep clothes tucked in! While you want to look good on the slopes, frilly accessories and scarves have no place in skiing. Blowing in the wind, scarves tend to flap across ski goggles thereby blocking vision, tangle around ski poles, and even parts of the chairlift. To stay warm, wear a neck scarf or gaiter and keep your outfit streamlined.


By following these six simple steps, skiing will always be your favourite sport and every ski day will end with a smile.

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